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Become a writer in 2020 through this self-study course and audio series bundle! The products in this bundle will take you on an epic journey of self-discovery, and unlock the soul-script that lies inside you. Over 50 hours of education on journaling, memoir, creative writing, non-fiction writing, blogging & more!

Dawn Wyatt's powerful, signature, one-to-one programme provides a journaling education and experience to last you a lifetime. Over 12 weeks, you’ll learn over 20 different journaling techniques, designed to address every area of challenge and joy that that a creative writer may experience. 

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I can’t put a price tag on what Dawn offered in her one-to-one Journal to the Self program. I loved this experience.

I had only ever journaled one way, and now I know at least 18 different formats to use and in what situations it is best to utilize each.

I will be recommending her to all of my friends. Some days it was better than sitting down with a therapist and some days we were laughing and having fun with it.

Ashley Brossoie

Founder of Semicolon Editing, www.semicolonediting.com

“The results were nothing short of life changing. I was blown away by what came out in my journaling. Many things came up for acceptance and release both during and between the journaling sessions with Dawn. I feel purged, cleansed and purified by JTTS. I had not journaled before and the encouragement and support that Dawn offered kept me engaged in a way that I would not have done without her. The trust Dawn built and the space she created and held for me to journal was amazing.”

Katie Drescher

Director of the Therapeutic Writing Institute, https://www.katiedrescher.com/

” Dawn´s work is outstanding! I had the honour to have a 1:1 journal training with Dawn. The last few years it seems as if every online business coach highly suggest journaling.
In their explanations journaling seems to be the Holy Grail to ultimate success. But noone ever explains what you have to do, how journaling works, the different possibilities you have, the outcome you can really experience etc. Dawn´s training does all this.”

Doris Reimann

Strategic Consultant . Mentor . Thought Leader , Founder of Womanpreneur® Leadership

Meet Dawn Wyatt…

Through Quiety Wild Woman, Dawn Wyatt designs services and products are for the introverted, creative, passionate woman who is experience the birth of a new era of her life, and finally wishes to finally unleash the words that are burning in her heart and create an incredible new writing life!

She is a certified Journal to the Self Instructor, Strategic Intervention Life Coach, has 13 years of experience teaching Psychology and well-being, and a masters degree in Creative Writing.

The philosophy of Quietly Wild Woman

A Quietly Wild Woman knows that her soul holds a sacred truth that is waiting to be discovered and shared with the world through the power of writing – and she acknowledges that it’s never too late to finally fulfill her writing dreams! 

A Quietly Wild Woman has a strong desire to know herself deeply. She is driven by the need to live an authentic and purposeful life, fulfill her potential and leave her mark on the world. She may want to start a business as well as create a writing life.

A Quietly Wild Woman is moved deeply by the power of story in movies, books, and music. She enjoys basking in nostaliga, and has a natural curiosity about history and mythology.  She is committed to her own personal and professional development, and appreciates that journaling is – without equal – the most powerful tool for this (or has a desire to journal deeply)

“This is REAL and POWERFUL work. I had NO idea that there were that many approaches to journaling with such a variety of outcomes.  Dawn has an amazing ability to be present and hold a safe space for a complete stranger.”

Tamsin Astor

Chief Habit Scientist, www.tamsinastor.com

“Dawn showed me that the benefits of journaling go beyond what I could’ve imagined! She thought me many different methods, and now I look forward to my private journaling, because something good comes out of it every time. I really enjoyed getting to know myself, and I learned that I am more creative than I ever thought. Dawn is a great teacher, and I am now more powerful, ready to use journaling to improve my life in every possible way!

Katie Drescher

Photographer and Founder of Arabella Blue, https://arabellablue.com/

“I didn’t know what to expect when I took Dawn’s journal coaching. I thought journaling was just writing whatever popped into your head or responding to a prompt. I was surprised there were so many techniques and that each one has its own purpose. I was even more surprised about what I learned about myself throughout the class. I looked forward to the class each week, and I’m excited to continue my journaling habit.

Kelly Peterson Northcott

Business Coach for Sales Leaders and Aspiring Leaders, www.kellynorthcott.com

the blog…

The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtney-Smith
The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtney-Smith

If you want to start blogging in 2019, then ‘The Million Dollar Blog’ is a fantastic read to start you off. Comprehensive, covering everything from niche, to content generation and creation, to marketing and monetising. Written in a conversation style that keeps you reading, and with actionable steps at every step, this book will empower you to get going!

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5 ways exercise can improve your writing
5 ways exercise can improve your writing

We all appreciate the importance of exercise for our bodies, but have you ever considered that exercise can actually improve your writing? Well it can! Here’s why every writer should develop an exercise habit for 2019…

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The 90 Day Novel by Alan Watt
The 90 Day Novel by Alan Watt

Writing a novel in 90 days is quite effortless and enjoyable when you are given permission to not force it. Here is a great book to help you pop your writing cork and let that first draft flow freely! Smash your 2019 ‘write a novel’ goal before the end of spring!

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Sadness & Melancholy: Why writers need it
Sadness & Melancholy: Why writers need it

Sadness and Melancholy are not emotions we need to shirk as writers. To feel is to live. Dark and light both fuel our life experience and our writing. Here is how you can safely and powerfully connect with sadness and melancholy through art.

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The many benefits of walking
The many benefits of walking

Walking has lots of benefits for our health and is so important for self care! It literally helps every area of our well-being, from the Physical to the Spiritual. Here is a breakdown of the benefits, and tips of how you can get more walking into your life in 2019!

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“I HAVE BEGUN WRITING MY BOOK…Dawn makes me cry every time we write…my sweet british journaling coach…I’m so blessed to have found you!”

Susan Kate

Multi Certified Business + Sales Ninja.

“It’s a thrill to have new young leadership in this field. You’re great. A natural.”

Kay Adams

Director of the Therapeutic Writing Institute and Founder of Journal to the Self

“I had such an amazing breakthrough working with Dawn. She was able to help me quickly, love her journaling methods, so different from other coaches. Thank you Dawn, forever grateful”

Carmen Roman

Coaching Client


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