The many benefits of walking

The many benefits of walking


The Power of Walking


Walking is a ritual I’m developing for the New Year, there will be others, but this one is one I particularly want to share with you! It’s beneficial in EVERY area of your life. I already discussed on here the benefit that exercise can have on your writing, but there are a ton of reasons to get walking daily. As well as keeping us fit, walking gets us out in nature. It’s the kind of exercise that hits every area of self-care.


Walking helps us…


Physically: It helps maintain your weight, strengthen your body and your heart. It also gets loads of much needed oxygen to your brain.


Intellectually: It will help clear your mind of clutter. Walks can be meditative if you’re mindful of everything that’s going on around you, and bring you back to the present if you’re in overwhelm. That oxygen to the brain will really help you to concentrate, too


Emotionally: Time walking can give you time to process your emotions. It also will release endorphins into your body, lifting your mood


Socially: If you have a career /job that requires you to interact with people, this can be hard if you’re introverted (like me). This time will allow to to have your space so that you can tackle the world head on! If you’re an extrovert though, you can find a walking club to go to and make new friends.


Also, if you have children, it’s a great excuse for you to all put your phones down and spend time together.




Spiritually: We get close to nature when we’re outside. Our bodies chemically react in natural environments, as though we’re going back to basics. It’s a natural way to connect with our spirit and feel it sing.


Another good thing about walking is that it’s actually really easy to fit into our lives. Here are just a few way we can make it seamless:


  • Walking to the shop,
  • Leaving the car at home on a work day
  • Walking the kids to school
  • Getting up half an hour earlier to get out and walk before work,
  • Walking after dinner


And if you’re here thinking ‘I don’t have time’, remember, that it will ultimately make you MORE productive. You have to sharpen the axe if you want to cut the tree down.


But here is the key to reaping the full benefits – be mindful, and present in your walk. Pay attention to your environment and your thoughts as you go.


You could even start a walking journal! A special journal reserved just for your walks, you could fill it out during or after your walk, free write about your environment, your body, and also any clarity that has been given to you on that particular walk.


A dear friend of mine, Jackee Holder created a ‘Writing Map for Green Spaces’ that you could try, it’s designed to help you connect with nature as you go. Check it out here.


Do it daily, or at least 4 times a week. It’s not about formally scheduling it, but more about fitting it into your life, naturally. Go here for some more tips on how to get started!


Comment on the below and lemme know if this is a habit you are going to do too, and how you get on with it!

Jean-Luc Picard is BACK!

Jean-Luc Picard is BACK!

Jean-Luc Picard is BACK!

I cannot even tell you how much my husband has gone mad over the return of Jean-Luc Picard since Patrick Stewart himself announced it.


I love Trek, but my hubby is next level Trek, and he’s all excited about this right now. Fandom is in meltdown, and speculation is rife over what version of Picard we’re going to see.  And even though the series isn’t due out until early next year, everyone is talking about it this year because its deserves a huge build up with a momentous amount of teasers and discussion prior.

We all love basking in the nostalgia and the anticipation of it all. But why is that?

Its because fictional characters can be as much a part of our history as real people – moreso, even. And they are often associated with happy, good memories. Our childhoods, simpler times. Watching them evokes those fuzzy memories like a blanket. They were there with us when…*insert pivotal life event here*. Many just seem to have always been in our living rooms and lives forever.

First seeing Jean-Luc Picard

I first saw Picard when I was in the living room of my first home, as a child. My posh fireplace and bay window and white fluffy rug. The beginnings of a life I might have had, if my family hadn’t fallen apart soon after. It was a different life, which feels now as though God plucked me out of it and said, ‘Ahh nope, sorry, there’s been a mistake. You’re really in the wrong place there’.

I digress.

I was so used to watching reruns of the original series at my Nana’s house. So just like everyone else, it was very different to me going from the swashbuckling Kirk to the oh-so-logical and sophisticated Picard. Everything about Next Gen felt so new and advanced from Sunday afternoon Trek at Nan’s – and of course it was. Even into the 90’s and 00’s and even now.

To me, Next Gen has always been ‘new’ Trek.

Which is why it’s so very surreal to me that Picard is now coming back, as a much older man. Firmly placing Next Gen as something from the past for me. Like He-Man.

As such, his return feels like it’s so in line with my own life and growth.

Growing old with Jean-Luc Picard

(Fan-made Picard poster by FlyNebula on Deviant Art)

I was only 8 years old when I first saw Jean-Luc Picard. Now I will be 40, seeing how his life has gone too, alongside mine! We have grown together. It’s going to be like seeing an old friend. I’m going to revel in waiting to see how life has treated him.

I felt the same feelings about Luke when Star Wars came out, but wow did Episode VIII really fuck that that up. Lets pray they do not make the same mistake with Picard. There is hope though, as Patrick himself is so closely involved with everything and has so much control, more than Hamill – unfortunately – could ever have hoped to have.

The new Jean-Luc Picard – What should stay, what may change

I hope his core values and traits have survived, as his diplomatic nature and insatiable curiosity to discover new species and explore new worlds always inspired my own sense of adventure. I have always benefited from channelling his calmness. (Okay part from when he was adamant that there were nine lights, and when he wanted to annihilate every Borg in sight). His love of the arts just makes me want to become a sponge and soak in all of the beauty around you as he does.

In short, Picard makes me want to be a better person. More noble, calm, learned and thoughtful. And completely focused and with direction. Always knowing what should be done, and the right way of doing it. Of course he wasn’t perfect, for example, he finds it impossibly hard to open up as much as he needs to – but to an INFP personality type like me, his restraint is the Yin to my Yang. Like the calm in the centre of my storm.

A different kind of Jean-Luc Picard

However, Patrick has promised a very different type of Picard. Hinted that we may see one changed by his experiences. I always could see Picard happily becoming Admiral, despitre Kirks warning to not do anything that took him out of the chair. Picard’s grounded spirit always felt very different to Kirk’s flighty one. Kirk was never meant for Admiral, Picard was.

But something tells me it won’t have gone that way – and I’m absolutely intrigued as to what may have steered him from that path.

I’m fine with whatever changes Patrick and the writers feel would’ve naturally happened to Picard, but as I said, just don’t ‘Luke’ the thing. We don’t want a jaded, grumbling old man who has become twisted, thank you very much.

Not Picard.

And of course, it will be interesting to see how many, if any, of the old Next Gen crew make appearances! Ahhhh, Data, did you come back to us?

This lead-up will of course mean binge watching all of next-gen again. And the films.


Do you have any memories or opinions on Jean-Luc? What do you want to see in this new series? How has Star Trek in general impacted your life?

Post below and let me know!

Making Choices for 2019!

Making Choices for 2019!

Aligned Choices for 2019!

Aligned choices are not made out of obligation or fear; they are made from following our intuition. It’s New Year, and you are in reflective and goal-setting mode, making lots of choices. But how do you make aligned choices?

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

This quote from Dumbledore is a reminder in this process. Don’t get stifled by limiting beliefs about your abilities – just like Harry was at first. Harry’s choices had us rooting for him like a true champion. He chose to never give up, to stand up for what he believed in, to have faith; and this ultimately brought him success. Most importantly, his choices were not from obligation, but were from his heart and his intuition. (Read more about the meaning of this quote here).

So why are aligned choices so important?


An aligned choice, backed by faith, is powerful.

So choose how you want your life to be, and choose what you do (and do not) want in your life. And do it your way.

Aligned choices reveal the true, best versions of you. Maybe not right away, it might take a while for your vision to form. But from the outset, when you step into aligned choice, you step into your own POWER – and everyone around you knows it. They will see you differently, just like they did with Harry.

My determination to grow my life coaching and online course business and finish my novel this year is my aligned choice. And it is backed with faith.

And so it is.

So for 2019, what choices will define you? What choices will truly represent you…to others, and to yourself.

Much Love,

Dawn x

P.S. If you’d like help deciding on your choices, then i’m taking on a whole new roster of ALIGNED clients for 2019 for my Life Coaching Services for Quietly Wild Women who just wanna WRITE.