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The Become a Writer in 2020 Bundle

What you GET…


Become a writer in 2020 through getting a rounded education on all forms of writing – Blogging, Fiction, Memoir, Non-fiction, author marketing and more – we got you covered! The Power of Writing 1 & 2 are both interview series with a range of experts from across the writing industry. Guests include Joanna Penn, Randy Ingermason, Katie Dalebout, Linda Joy Meyers, Kathleen Adams, Tamara Monosoff, Nina Amir and many more! Hosted by Dawn, and delivered in her unique, quirky style, season 1 and 2 are full of absolute GOLD for anyone who longs to be a writer! 38 audios in total! Over 40 hours of writing inspiration and education!


Become a writer in 2020 through creating a powerful and consistent journaling practice that takes you on a deep journey of self-discovery. With over 10 hours of recordings from this incredible week-long course that was delivered LIVE! Participants in this event described it as life-changing. The exercises and techniques presented to you will fuel your soul, connect you deeply to self, and hugely inspire your creative writing! Because these are the LIVE recordings of the classes, you will feel like you are actually there in the energy! And what a powerful energy it was! I am re-recording the live recordings, broken down into mini-lessons and uploaded to my new membership area as a full course – which you will get access to once its complete! You get access to all the LIVE recordings immediately, though!


Benefits of the



Connect deeply to self to fuel & guide your new life as a creative writer

Your heart knows you want to become a writer in 2020, knows a new era is waiting for you – and of course it’s very exciting! But you may also feel lost, lacking in direction or purpose, not knowing where to turn. The activities presented throughout the products in this bundle will serve to get you connected to YOU again. A plethora of self-disovery and writing discovery awaits!

Be introduced to a wealth of experts - that all have freebies!

In POW Seasons 1 and 2 have everything you need to beome a writer in 2020! At the end of every audio, the speakers talk of a free gift that they have for listeners – and you just make your way to their website to find it. Your education will go way beyond just Dawn, and will extend to over 38 experts from the writing industry

Be introduced to 6 different ways to create a writing life!

The bundle covers not just creative writing and journaling, but also memoir, creative non-fiction, blogging and more! There is even info on marketing and publishing in here!

Build the foundations of a powerful journaling practice

In order to become a writer in 2020, one of the most fundamental tools needed to support you through the change and crack open your best writing, is journaling. No longer have issues of what to write or time to write. The content of this bundle will dispel many myths that are held about journaling, freeing your writing. In Life Begins, you will also learn how to cater to left and right brain in your journaling, and also use aspects of myth, movies and music to fuel some soul-inspired writing! You’ll love the LIVE feel and conversation of these products, too. Both Life Begins and POW 1 and 2 show Dawn at her quirky best!

Fuel your Creative Writing

I defy you to not come away with a zillion ideas for your writing right from the start to help you become a writer in 2020! You’ll be immersed in listening to Dawn and also other people who are just like YOU. Soul-centered people with a passion for writing. A ton of inspiration is coming your way!

Listen and learn at your own pace

Once you purchase the bundle, it is yours forever! No need to rush, take the time to enjoy and absorb it all.

6 kinds of writing covered…


In the Power of Writing, Seasons 1 and 2, Dawn interviewed many fiction writers, including Joanna Penn, Randy Ingermason, Isacc Marion, Janice Hardy, E. J Wenstrom, Jacqui Lofthouse, Deborah-Jay, Suzanne Adams, Al Watts, Gabriela Pereira and more!

So many incredible tips here for fiction writers, and analysis of the work and daily lives of those who write fiction. We defy a million ideas to not flow through you after listening to these interviews! 


In the Power of Writing, Season 2, Dawn interviewed Marilyn Bousquin, an expert on Creative Non-Fiction  – this interview was just pure GOLD for those who want to write personal essays and creative non-fiction based on their real-life events. Lots also to be gleaned here too from Linda Meyers’ interview!

Discover the power of your own real-life stories here!


In the Power of Writing, Seasons 1 and 2, we had Tamara Monosoff, Nina Amir, Jennifer Hoffman, Joyce Glass and Joanna Penn talking about writing non-fiction work.

These incredible interviews will definitely get the cogs turning for your first piece of non-fiction!


Nina Amir (how to blog your book), Sarah Werner (talked about blogging, but also about podcasting fiction and non-fiction, too!), Bill Burridge, Deborah Jay gave incredible blogging tips during their turns on the Power of Writing interview series.

Fabulous education to get you started blogging, whatever kind of writer you want to be!

Discover the power of your own real-life stories here!


Alisa Lukura, Brooke Warner, Sara Connell, Linda Meyers all talked about the process of writing and publishing Memoir!

You do not want to miss their YEARS of experience given in these incredible interviews! Between them, they have helped hundreds of women to birth their memoir.


In the Power of Writing, we have MANY journaling experts who will bring your journaling to life! These include Kay Adams, Julia McCutchen, Kim Ades, Jaquee Holder, Katie Dalebout, Tina Games, Rebecca Cavender, Joyce Chapman, Mari McCarthy, Lynda Monk, Bill Burridge and more!

Additionally, in my ‘Life Begins’ course, which is also included in the bundle, I give a comprehensive overview of how to set up and maintain a powerful journaling practice. Over 10 hours of journaling education to be had here. Those who have done the course describe it as life-changing!

Even publishing and marketing are covered in interviews with Tom Corson-Knowles, Brooke Warner, Jennifer Hoffman, Tamara Monosoff, Joanna Penn and more!

Your teacher and host…

Dawn Wyatt designs services and products are for the introverted, creative, passionate woman who is experience the birth of a new era of her life, and finally wishes to finally unleash the words that are burning in her heart and create an incredible new writing life!

Dawn has achieved this herself through writing some of her best work during her own life transition. The gift of writing has also helped her embrace many other aspects of her own new era. For example, she has started her own business, got stuck into her first novel, and even become the lead singer of a rock band (another life-long dream!)

She is a certified Journal to the Self Instructor, Strategic Intervention Life Coach, has 13 years of experience teaching Psychology and well-being, and a masters degree in Creative Writing.

The Become a Writer in 2020 bundle is a fabulous introduction to Dawn's work, and really is all you need to free the words that are burning inside of you! 



“I really enjoyed all the speakers and what they had to tell us about their work and different takes on writing. You really kept me uplifted in my writing these last 21 days. Thanks so much!”

Lavern Heldry

Power of Writing Interview Series Listener

“Oh my these interviews are amazing! I am really inspired and excited, oh gosh thank you…I love the create and document it this is just pushing me further to write…oh wow thank you!”

Caroline Moore

Power of Writing Interview Series Listener

“Thank you Dawn! This has been wonderful and inspiring. All the interviews were great and each one offered something new to learn. I’ve already purchased my bundle and am looking forward to enjoying them over and over. It’s been a great experience and I’m glad to have been a part of it. Once again, Thank you!”


Power of Writing Interview Series Listener

“The best part of all this was you. I looked forward to listening to you every day, it really brightened my day! So many fantastic tips to implement. Oh, Dawn thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Grace Harlott

The Power of Writing Interview Series Listener

“Thank you, Dawn for this outstanding Power of Writing Summit!! I am sure it took a lot of effort and I am grateful you saw your vision through to the end sharing these interviews with all of us!!! Blessings.”

Bethany Teesdale

Power of Writing Interview Series Listener


“Life Begins gave me a new perspective on the world of journaling! It helped me see a way to organize my thoughts, set my intentions and manifest my best self through journaling. Not only did I discover that I could free myself through my writing, but I found a part of myself I thought was lost after having kids. Dawn is the perfect teacher for this and you will not be disappointed! Her way of connecting with you will have you wanting to write more! She helped me discover the many ways journaling could open the doors to my unlocked potential and set me off flying to create my best self with confidence.”

Melissa Carr

Life Begins Student

“Life Begins! with Dawn Wyatt was a real eye opener, showing many opportunities for growth using journaling. You don’t have to be deeply introspective to use journaling, nor do you have to do it for long stretches every day. You just need a few minutes every once in a while and a willingness to be honest with yourself about various issues for journaling to have a positive impact on your life. I learned a great deal from Life Begins!, and Dawn Wyatt revealed the truth about several myths of journaling that have become common knowledge, but that just aren’t true. She also gave many examples of how to use a journal for introspection and exploration. I highly recommend Life Begins! to anyone interested in journaling.”

Lois Marie Grant-Eighmy

Life Begins Student

“I learned so much about myself!! Dawn dispells myths around journalling, making it easy to dive into yourself. It’s great for creative writing, business writing, and just taking extreme self care.
This course even helped with my painting, as there’s so much inspiration in it. 
Major breakthroughs happen here!”

Roni Walker

Life Begins Student

“Dawn helped me to discover what I like most, writing through journaling. Now, I am excited to use journaling through prompts Dawn suggested. Also , expressing myself through my short videos and having Dawn giving me feedback, liberated and healed my emotions. Thank you for taking the time to express your feelings. I can enjoy life now.”

Chantel Cote

Life Begins Student

“Life Begins is such a wonderful course! This course will give you the confidence to write down your random thoughts in any form.”

Sylvia Bellini

Life Begins Student

“Life Begins” is an excellent course for writers. It gave me as a writer the ease and freedom to open up again and put words on paper. I had a very discouraging experience writing my first book and this course gave the confidence to get back out there. The style and ease of her methodology is simple and profound and very refreshing. I totally enjoyed every moment. If you really want your write to take on a new vibe Life Begins is the course you are looking for.”

Cassandra Bowen

Life Begins Student

“If you are considering journaling and don’t know where to start, working with Dawn will be just what you need. If you wish to inject some magic into your journaling practice, Dawn will also help you. I absolutely loved working with Dawn, her work brings together so many things I love and have worked on in the past.
She combines her empathy, her in-depth knowledge of journaling, and her literary knowledge with a bit of magic.”

Karyn Nash

Life Begins Student

“Thank goodness for my journaling. This course has taught me so much. 2020 can only be better.”

Lindy J Nock

Life Begins Student


"I can’t put a price tag on what Dawn offered in her one-to-one Journal to the Self program. I loved this experience. I had only ever journaled one way, and now I know at least 18 different formats to use and in what situations it is best to utilize each. I will be recommending her to all of my friends. Some days it was better than sitting down with a therapist and some days we were laughing and having fun with it."

Ashley Brossoie
Founder of Semi-Colon Editing

"I knew that journaling would help me sort out my thoughts, become more creative and organised, but working with Dawn showed me that the benefits go beyond that! I now look forward to my private journaling, because something good comes out of it every time. I really enjoyed my getting to know myself through this experience, and I learned that I am more creative than I could have imagined. Dawn is a great teacher and a person. I am now a more powerful version of myself, and I am ready to use journaling to improve my life in every possible way!"

Milicia Pudney

Photographer and founder of Arabella Blue

"The results were nothing short of life changing. I was blown away by what came out in my journaling. Many things came up for acceptance and release both during and between the journaling sessions with Dawn. I feel purged, cleansed and purified by JTTS. I had not journaled before and the encouragement and support that Dawn offered kept me engaged in a way that I would not have done without her. The trust Dawn built and the space she created and held for me to journal was amazing."

Katie Drescher

"Dawn´s work is outstanding! I had the honour to have a 1:1 journal training with Dawn. The last few years it seems as if every online business coach highly suggest journaling.
In their explanations journaling seems to be the Holy Grail to ultimate success. But noone ever explains what you have to do, how journaling works, the different possibilities you have, the outcome you can really experience etc. Dawn´s training does all this."

Doris Reimann

Founder of Womanpreneur Leadership

"This is REAL and POWERFUL work. I had NO idea that there were that many approaches to journaling with such a variety of outcomes.  Dawn has an amazing ability to be present and hold a safe space for a complete stranger."

Tamsin Astor

Chief Habit Scientist, Author

"I didn’t know what to expect when I took Dawn’s one to one journal coaching. I thought journaling was just writing whatever popped into your head or responding to a prompt. I was surprised there were so many techniques and that each one has its own purpose. I was even more surprised about what I learned about myself throughout the class. I looked forward to the class each week, and I am excited to continue my journaling habit." 

kelly Peterson-Northcott

Business Coach for Sales Leaders

"I had such an amazing breakthrough working with Dawn. She was able to help me quickly, love her journaling methods, so different from other coaches. Thank you Dawn, forever grateful"

Carmen Roman

Coaching Client

"I felt free with Dawn. Like meeting her was meant to be. With her, I have permission. So thank you Dawn from my heart for all your knowledge, energy, commitment, and for the opportunity for me search for words and freedom of expression."

Col Ferguson

Coaching Client

"I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and safe space to be myself and discover who I am and where I want to go in life. Many Blessings for your God-inspired work."

June Magow

Coaching Client

Grab this bundle and have everything you need to become a writer in 2020 – and start and incredible new writing life!

Here is a reminder of how over 50 hours of content in
this bundle will help you

Create a powerful and vibrant Journaling Practice

BECOME A WRITER IN 2020 through powerful journaling. Never again have issues over ‘what to write’ or ‘time to write’, and no more fear of the blank page. Through Life Begins and POW 1 & 2, you’ll come away empowered and confident in how to use your journaling practice to connect deeply to self, discover purpose, and create lasting change.

Get a rounded education on all aspects of writing

BECOME A WRITER IN 2020 through a wealth of inspiration and education from industry experts! In the Power of Writing, Seasons 1 and 2, all forms of writing are covered – memoir, fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, blogging – and of course, journaling! In addition, there are interviews with GOLDEN information for you on many aspects of publishing and marketing your written work.


How will the bundle be delivered?

You will receive dropbox links containing the Life Begins recordings and the Power of Writing Audios. Yours to download and keep forever!

You will also get access to all future updates of the Power of Writing, Seasons 1 and 2, and Life Begins, as they are added to a shiny membership area!

Do you do refunds?

Not for this product, no. This is because all aspects will be instantly downloadable. However, we are confident that you will be happy with everything! There is so much content for you to listen to and learn from. It will just keep giving. (Over 50 hours of content altogether!)

Where do I get help if I have questions?

For technical help, contact:

For questions regarding course content, please join and post them in the Quietly Wild Woman facebook group.

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