The complete Journaling Mentorship program for Creative Writers


    Dear Quietly Wild Woman

This is for you, who is feeling the call of a new beginning as a Creative Writer
This is for you, who has words burning inside your heart and mind that you long to get out onto the page. 
This is for you, who wants to connect deeply with yourself and others through your journaling and writing.
If your soul is on fire,

Welcome to Journaling Foundations

Journaling Foundations –  is designed to transform the way you journal – and your creative writing – forever. 

It provides a journaling education and experience to last you a lifetime – helping you to consistently rock your journal and rock your life, as you write those dreams of yours into reality! Specifically designed for Creative Writers.

Initially, you will spend time setting yourself up for success with the right tools, space, and mindset for journaling. Then, you’ll learn over 20 different journaling techniques, designed to address every area of challenge and joy that that an entrepreneur or creative writer may experience. It will connect you deeply to self, and help you journal for things such as habit creation, self-care, goal-setting, mindset and manifestation, exploring past, present and future, healing relationships, content creation, and so much more! 


Hello, I’m Dawn Wyatt

I too have experienced the excitement and the overwhelm, the adventure and the challenges that come with creating a brand new era. That feeling of ‘Act Two is here’, and the spotlight now being well and truly on me – the knowing of ‘it’s time’. Time to truly get to know myself, my talents, and my purpose.

Over the past few years, lifelong dreams have come true for me due to my journaling.  I am finally finishing my first novel, I am the lead singer of a rock band, and I have started my own Journal Mentoring and teaching business! Three endeavours that simply would not have manifested if it wasn’t for my journal!

Because of my journaling, I am so much more connected to self, and more aligned than I ever have been. I know that no matter how hard it gets, I have a formidable tool to help me celebrate every win, and manage every challenge. There is no area of my life – or yours – that journaling cannot touch.

I have now made it my mission to get as many Quietly Wild Women as I can to step into their own journaling magic – because I know that it is – WITHOUT EQUAL – the most powerful tool we have to help us find purpose, unlock potential, and achieve our dreams. Especially for those of us that want to write powerful and meaningful creative writing.

So I have designed a program based on Kathleen Adams’ classic Journal to the Self, Strategic Intervention Life Coaching methods, my own 13 years of experience teaching Psychology and well-being, and my masters level study of Creative Writing.

It is specifically designed for the Quietly Wild Woman who is ready for a powerful journey of self-discovery through journaling, so she can finally fulfill her creative writing dreams.

The BENEFITS of Journaling Foundations


Never again say ‘I don’t know what to write. You’ll see there is constant inspiration around you, and that your words are valuable. You will also learn many writing techniques (20+) that will trigger creativity in all areas of your life! (Especially if you do creative writing – you’ll have no end of ideas!)

Manage emotions, build resilience!

Cultivate your own powerful resources. Your journal is with out equal in its ability to nurture you through the challenges of starting a new era as an entrepreneur or creative writer. Experience it through this programme a deep healing and stress management tool that is yours forever, whenever you need it – so that you never give up!

Feel FULFILLED after writing!

No longer will you feel like you’re just ‘scratching the surface’ with your writing. You’ll go deep, having writing sessions that are fruitful, guiding to your life, and deeply satisfying! You’ll find golden value in the things that your Soul Script has to say to you! You’ll connect deeply with your values through this program to stay aligned to them!

Find the TIME to write!

Always know how to seamlessly fit it into your life. This program with introduce you to powerful techniques that can be done effectively in just 10 minutes. Plenty can take much longer if you wish them to. But once and for all, rid yourself of the myth that you don’t time for it. Leave those excuses at the door!


Explore past, present and future. The whole range of techniques here can be used to explore any aspect of your timeline that you wish – past healing, present grounding, and envisaging. You will be encouaged to intuitively select what you need from each technique, providing you with a well-rounded examination of self, and what that means for your future.

Get connected to YOU again!

Shed that ‘lost’ or ‘disconnected’ feeling. The process of getting to know ‘self’ is life-long of course – that’s the magic of being human! We are an ocean of secrets! But this course will naturally reveal parts that have been asleep. Helping you know what you really want from life, what’s important to you, and what you’re meant for.

Discover your BEST writing!

Be excited, surprised, and inspired by your soul script rising to the surface! This program will really connect you with your higher self, and as a result, will naturally tap into your deepest and best writing. Even if you’re not a creative writer, what comes out will be beauty. The beauty of your soul finally having a voice.

Develop 7 essential MINDSETS

Know when you need to shift gears and how to do it! We cover 7 key mindsets in this program. Mindsets that you will need as you embark on your new adventure. You’ll learn how to identify when you need to use each one, and how to harness the power of each mindset through your writing and beyond. These mindsets offer a path to endurance and overall wellbeing.

Learn 20+ writing techniques!

Always know HOW to work with an issue in your life – by being given the right tools! In this course, you will be introduced to 20 different writing techniques that you can adapt and apply to almost any area of your life and any issue that comes your way. Perfectly suited for entrepreneurship and creative writing! 

I can’t put a price tag on what Dawn offered in her one-to-one Journal to the Self program. I loved this experience. I had only ever journaled one way, and now I know at least 18 different formats to use and in what situations it is best to utilize each. I will be recommending her to all of my friends. Some days it was better than sitting down with a therapist and some days we were laughing and having fun with it.

Ashley Brossoie

Founder of Semicolon Editing,

“The results were nothing short of life changing. I was blown away by what came out in my journaling. Many things came up for acceptance and release both during and between the journaling sessions with Dawn. I feel purged, cleansed and purified by JTTS. I had not journaled before and the encouragement and support that Dawn offered kept me engaged in a way that I would not have done without her. The trust Dawn built and the space she created and held for me to journal was amazing.”

Katie Drescher

Director of the Therapeutic Writing Institute,

” Dawn´s work is outstanding! I had the honour to have a 1:1 journal training with Dawn. The last few years it seems as if every online business coach highly suggest journaling.
In their explanations journaling seems to be the Holy Grail to ultimate success. But noone ever explains what you have to do, how journaling works, the different possibilities you have, the outcome you can really experience etc. Dawn´s training does all this.”

Doris Reimann

Strategic Consultant . Mentor . Thought Leader , Founder of Womanpreneur® Leadership


GET YOUR BOOK DONE is a four-week live group program designed to get you back on track with a previously abandoned/side-lined writing project that you finally want to get finished! Or, get that new idea that's been niggling you for ages finally up and running! 

You may or may not finish your project in four weeks, depending on your personal goals and circumstances - for example, if you have almost finished a project and just need to get over the finish line, then four weeks may be all you need. But if you're using this course to start a brand new project, you may need longer. You may have all day to work on your writing, you may only have an hour per day.

Either way, the point is that by the end of four weeks, your writing will be unlocked and flowing, and you'll have the strategies you need to stay on track until it is DONE! I will have a Facebook group that will be open for four weeks after so you can get an extra four weeks of Facebook group support if you need it. (Extra one to one sessions can be booked with me at any point for £125 per session)

We will have one live class each week at 8pm UK time, and also one live Q & A each week in our Facebook group! All classes will be recorded if you cannot make it LIVE, or if you simply don't want/require the interaction of the group.

However, if you feel you want accountability over the course of the month, I highly advise you to be there live, or join the Facebook group where I will be checking in daily, and you can get help/support from others in the group, also.

The group program will start week beginning MONDAY 16th MARCH.

You can get into the program now for just £149! This is because it is the first time I have run this program, and so you will be the founding (BETA) members. I will NEVER run the program for this price again. When I run it again in July, it will be £299 - so you'll literally be getting it for half-price.




“This is REAL and POWERFUL work. I had NO idea that there were that many approaches to journaling with such a variety of outcomes.  Dawn has an amazing ability to be present and hold a safe space for a complete stranger. 

The journaling techniques were amazing! Dawn guided me through them with such gentleness, presence, vulnerable authenticity and knowledge. Some of these techniques revealed deep pain and anger and sadness and Dawn held the space for me in such a gentle, loving way. Some of these techniques made me laugh, see a path and reveal what I really knew deep inside. The simplest of techniques BLEW my mind in terms of revealing how I was thinking and feeling about myself, a person or an event.

Dawn is kind, non-judgemental, super knowledgeable about journaling, comfortable revealing her own struggles, examples (authentic, vulnerable, real) and very supportive and totally present with you during the whole experience. I could be totally vulnerable and open and emotional and get all teary and angry and sad, and pissed off and reveal my true insecurities.

I challenge you to find a technique that creates such massive personal shifts in SO many areas: your relationships, your mindset, revelations about your subconscious, roadmaps and guidelines for where your energy & focus  is, currently and, where you want your focus and energy to go! Work with Dawn. Learn how to journal under her guidance. You won’t regret it!!

Tamsin Astor

Chief Habit Scientist

“I knew that journaling would help me sort out my thoughts, become more creative and organised, but working with Dawn showed me that the benefits go beyond that! She thought me so many different methods that I never knew about. This helped me easily put pen on the paper, and now I look forward to my private journaling, because something good comes out of it almost every time.

I really enjoyed my getting to know myself through this experience, and I learned that I am more creative than I could have imagined. Dawn is a great teacher and a person. I am now a more powerful version of myself, and I am ready to use journaling to improve my life in every possible way!

Milicia Pudney

Photographer and Founder of Arabella Blue,

“I didn’t know what to expect when I took Dawn’s one to one journal coaching. I thought journaling was just writing whatever popped into your head or responding to a prompt.

I was surprised there were so many techniques and that each one has its own purpose. I was even more surprised about what I learned about myself throughout the class.

I looked forward to the class each week, and I am excited to continue my journaling habit.

Kelly Peterson Northcott

Business Coach for Sales Leaders and Aspiring Leaders,

This is for you if you want to…

Start keeping a journal effectively to inspire your new life as a creative writer, and embark on a deep journey of self-discovery 

Connect deeply with self and get to know all the parts of yourself – making is fun and easy to connect with your best writing!

Connect with the power and the lessons of your higher self and your subconcious and unconcious mind – story, world-building and character ideas galore!

Ignite your creativity, fuel your your creative writing ideas, and be supported through the transition at this time in your life

Work with your right brain and left brain, and have journaling techniques that satisfy both and work for both when you need them

Develop the most powerful tool you have to help relieve stress, build resistence, and discover joy – so that you never give up on your dream


This is NOT for you if you…


Are not willing to apply the journaling techniques and the learning to your life outside of the weekly classes.


Are not open to trying new methods of journaling. There are a variety of methods for left and right brain, and some have deep meditations and include some imagery and sketching. You will enjoy some more than others, but if you know you wouldn’t be willing to try, then this isn’t for you.


Think you could not ever share your writing. The experience does require you share your writing with me. Don’t worry. I create a safe space.


Are in the process of recovering from deep trauma and are not in therapy. I am NOT a mental health practitioner, so if you need therapy, you must have that in place before you start the program.


    Ready to join the ONE to ONE program? 

What you get...


Each week, you will be given a downloadable workbook. It contains the space to practice all the journaling techniques, along with a description of each one for you to read back. 


Many of the techniques come with their own entrance meditations to enhance the experience and the results of your journaling. They’ll take you on a journey and help you get connected deeply to self and explore your past, present, and future. These meditations will be delivered live during the online sessions, but also will be recorded for you to use again and again. 


Many of the techniques come with their own entrance meditations to enhance the experience and the results of your journaling. They’ll take you on a journey and help you get connected deeply to self and explore your past, present, and future. These meditations will be delivered live during the online sessions, but also will be recorded for you to use again and again. 


You will have 12 weekly LIVE online classes with Dawn. All classes are recorded so that you can watch them back and do the techniques again and again.

And some FAB bonuses, too…



Journaling Foundations will be available as a self study course by the summer of 2020. Sign up for the one to one program, and you will receive full access to this course when it is ready. It’ll all be glossy with its own membership area and everything!



You will receive access to the complete Journaling 101 self-study programme when it is released in Spring 2020. This will be a fab way for you to re-aquaint yourself with the journaling basics whenever you go off track! It will contain workbooks and videos and audios etc all available in your very own membership area.  



You will receive access to the complete Journaling 101 self-study programme when it is released in Spring 2020. This will be a fab way for you to requaint yourself with the journaling basics whenever you go off track! It will contain workbooks and videos and audios etc all available in your very own membership area.  



The power of writing seasons 1 and 2 were interview series with a wide array of experts from all areas of the writing industry – creative writing, non-fiction, blogging, journaling, coaching and well-being – and of course, journaling! Joanna Penn, Linda Meyers, Randy Ingermanson, Brooke Warner, Kathleen Adams – to name a few. Whatever kind of writing you wish to do, these series will have you covered. 38 full length audios in total! (and 3 workbooks for series 1). Yours when you purchase Journaling Foundations and pay in full!

    Ready to join the ONE to ONE program? 

“I HAVE BEGUN WRITING MY BOOK…Dawn makes me cry every time we write…my sweet british journaling coach…I’m so blessed to have found you!”

Susan Kate

Multi Certified Business + Sales Ninja.

“It’s a thrill to have new young leadership in this field. You’re great. A natural.”

Kay Adams

Director of the Therapeutic Writing Institute and Founder of Journal to the Self

“I had such an amazing breakthrough working with Dawn. She was able to help me quickly, love her journaling methods, so different from other coaches. Thank you Dawn, forever grateful”

Carmen Roman

Coaching Client

For a left brained person like me, who thought she can ONLY thrive on logic and rationality, the scariest thing to do was to really get in touch with my inner core emotions. Before Dawn, I tried all possible and very popular styles of journaling, and every time my experience ended up being “This is not for me. NO WAY”.  I was trapped in my life and career. Intuitively, I knew it’s time to get in touch with myself but I just did not know how.

Dawn saved me!

She is nothing short of brilliant! She comes with a wealth of training and experience working with different clients. She showed me, step-by-step, how journaling is not just necessary but also possible, WITHOUT my needing to compromise on my authentic personal style. Without her, I felt I had NO WAY to get in touch with my creativity and intuition, which turns out I really, really needed in order to grow in my current personal and professional challenges.

Dawn gave me tools to extract my most valuable gifts and strengths by showing me HOW to get in touch with them, and then use them to set my life’s path.

Before her, all I ever got were instructions. “Do this, and do that, and it will work”. But Dawn gave the power back to me. She doesn’t “prescribe”; instead she showed me how to find (and respect!) my own unique voice and words to guide my journey.

With Dawn’s coaching, I have seen a sweeping shift in my attitude and mindset – towards myself, my work and my relationships with my family – all of which have strengthened me as a person.”

Namita Gujral

Coaching Client

This All Sounds Great But…

What if I cannot make the live classes?

Every class is recorded for you to keep forever, so you can watch in your own time, as many times as you wish.

What if I don't want to share my writing?

You won’t be forced to share. However, I create a really safe environment, and i’m very confident that you’ll be opening up very early on. In the one to one program, you must be willing to share at some point, but I do really ease you into it, so please don’t worry! You’ll actually find it quite liberating!

How will it be delivered?

All live classes will be delivered and recorded via Zoom meetings, so you’ll need that (easy and free to download). It’s really easy…you click on the link I give you, and simply select ‘join this meeting’! Voila!

All of the handouts/worksheets will be delivered via dropbox, and the class recordings will be stored in a shared dropbox, also (you don’t need a dropbox of your own to access these. I simply send you the link and you download the files onto your own computer).

Additionally, I will have everything on a password protected page on my website.

What about the bonuses?

The complete self study programme for Journaling Foundations will be available to you in Summer of 2020

The Life Begins recordings will be available to you immediately via a dropbox link

The Journaling 101 course will be available to you in Spring 2020 (by the end of March)

The Power of Writing Pay in Full Bonus will be available via dropbox link immediately 

What if I find some of the techniques hard?

I assure you that every technique is well explained beforehand, so this shouldn’t happen. You literally get me holding your hand right the way through! I’m all yours!

You will always be given a variety of options to use every technique to apply to whatever area of your life you are needing to at that particular time.

Do you offer refunds?

I only give partial refunds for my one to one program. By signing up to Journaling Foundations, you are committing to paying for at least two of the sessions. You must have attended and done all of the work for these sessions to qualify for a refund.

*1497 is rounded up to £1500 for refund purposes

>If you’ve paid in full for the one to one programme: I will return the amount of £1250 to you. So £1500, minus £250 for the sessions you’ve had.

>If you have paid for one to one via the payment plan: I will return £275 to you, so £550 minus £275 for the sessions you’ve had (payment plans cost me more to process).


    Ready to join the ONE to ONE program? 

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